WitchWiki is exciting arcade game!

Here, an amazing mobile shooting game.

[ Season 1 ]

Attack Monsters! Peaceful Wikiland!

Wikiland has lost their treasures.

Now it is up to Wiki ladies to get’em back!

Enjoy your flight with beautiful Wiki ladies.

Attack Monsters with Tiny but Powerful Pets.

Try to challenge unlimited attack mode.

The flight has begun!

Get ready, aim and fire!

Go Go Witch Wiki!

Game Guide

■ Three magical girl character

■ Combo! Combo renews striking power!

■ Various Boss Monsters are waiting for you!

■ Beat defeat the monsters with a small but strong pet

■ Collect special items~! May be~! A might pet will be born.

■ A lethal move will be performed in full Mana! : Heavy Gunfire, Magic fire, Airtight Defense, Bombing.

■ Deadly Bullet easy, hell & Extreme Stage are waiting for you!

■ Monster Type : Tiny Monster, Middle Boss, Big boss,

Go Go Witch Wiki!